Setup & Preparation

Crane lowering 22ft Galliano Swimming Pool Spa onto a Deck
Video of the 22ft Galliano Swimming Pool Spa being moved by a Crane

What are the dimensions and capacity of the JogSpa™?

8.4ft X 7.4ft X 46" inches

What does it cost for delivery of a Swim Spa?

Delivery to Curbside is by Truck (Call for pricing)
California Only $300 to $500
Port of Entry
20Ft. Ctn Only Holds 1 Unit
40Ft.Ctn Holds 2 Swim Spas ( All 4 Designs )
Crain Estmates $800 to $1200
Forklift Estimate $200

Preparation for Site

Are there any preparations for where I can put the Swim Spa?

20 Ft. by 10Ft (Varies Upon Model) Concrete Pad.
Concrete being poured for the foundation of a spaFraming for the concrete foundation of a spa 5 to 6 Inches Thick, with Rebar inlayed.Foundation being prepped for concrete
Dig a hole 20Ft. by 8ft.,6 Inches deep, so you will be level with Ground.
Ask contractor for decking details.Concrete foundation being poured
Spa on CranePreparation for concrete.
Delivery to backyard is by Crain or Forklift.
Foundation being poured for site.
Electrical Requirements.
USA (240V) (50 AMP Dedicated Line)
USA (240V) (60 AMP Dedicated Line)
Absolut Environments
(50 AMP Dedicated Line Swim Area) (60 AMP Dedicated Line Swim Area)
(50 AMP Dedicated Line Hot Tub Area) (40 AMP Dedicated Line Hot Tub Area)
Sample specifications for installation of a Swim Spa in deck
All 19ft to 22ft Swimming Pool Spas Require
(60 AMP Dedicated Line)
European Specifications (CE Listed)
Sample installation specifications 240V 50HZ (Europe Only $500)
License Electrician Required.
Water is filled by hose.
Pump System on Jog Spa

Can I put the Swim Spa in the ground?

Jog Spa can go in the ground, with optional Gas/ Electrical Heaters. In-ground installations are roughly 3 times the cost of above ground installations.
In-ground Application


Video of spa inground For complete instructions you can call a service representative (spa/pool dealer) in your area.
What we reccomend is that because you have a 200sqft filtering system, ozone system which kills 90% of the bacteria and a circulating pump that runs 24/7.
1 – Use Chlorine or Bromine Granules, 1 Tablespoon Per Person after use.
2 – Tablespoon is placed insidwe the Skimmer, Filters.
3 – When not in use put cover on, ready for the next day!
The Clarity of your water without adding tons of chemicals will justify your needs.
Always check your PH balance once a week.


Rectangle skimmer place which is above your entry steps into the spa, lift/slide up.
Slide basket out (clean). (4) 50sgft filters (2 On top of the other).
View of a spa pump system Turn/Spin (2) top filters, Turn/Spin (2) bottom filters.Interior look at the pump system
You can soak/wash filters, or put all 4 filters into your dishwasher, run cycle, take out before dry/heating cycle.
Do the reverse application for putting your filters, basket and skimmer plate back into position.

Replace Filters

(4) 50 sq ft Filters
(2) Top Filters 6ch-941
(2) Bottom Filters 6ch-942